Ohio Small Group Pool (OSGP), Ohio Municipal League (OML) and South Central Ohio Insurance Consortium (SCOIC) formed a partnership on September 1, 2017. This partnership follows the same philosophy that has been in place for SCOIC since 1996.

South Central Ohio Insurance Consortium (SCOIC) was formed January 1, 1996 by 4 local school districts and an educational service center. The planning and preparation were done by 2 well-known local Superintendents and Miller-Lewis Insurance Agency, Inc. (today known as Miller-Lewis Benefit Consultants).

The planning process took approximately 2 years of studying the funding models, legal set-up, plan designs, network relations, vendor partners etc. SCOIC went through its rough times in 1999 and 2000, as most consortiums have, due to the fact that it is very complicated to maintain cost effective rates and build a reserve balance at the same time. In 2000 and 2001 SCOIC changed their bylaws and the operating systems in place for the long term benefit of the existing members and for future growth.

The philosophy of SCOIC has always been superior service to the existing members first and then slow steady growth.

Today OSGP/OML/SCOIC is 23 public entities with approximately 4000 employee lives covered for medical & RX benefits. OSGP/OML/SCOIC does not sell a specific benefit plan; therefore, we have today 51 different plan designs in place. We also have multiple dental & vision plans in place. OHL/SCOIC does offer Life, AD&D, Voluntary Life at a consortium rate.